Green Earth® Group is the brain child of two like minded professionals, who had a passion to bring affordable, eco-friendly solutions to the South Asian region.

Company Vision: To bring affordable Greener Solutions to the South Asian region.

Company mission: To become a leader and household name for Greener solutions by 2010.

Green Earth® Group has following subsidiaries;

  • Green Earth® Renewables (Pvt) Ltd
    • Design and Installation of Solar Water Heaters and Solar Electricity (Photovoltaic)
    • Mini Hydro – Commissioning and upgrading of mini hydro plants
    • Wind - Design and Installation on independent wind plants
  • Green Earth Technologies (Pvt) Ltd
    • Manufacturing and Distribution of Solar Water Heaters and Solar Electricity (Photovoltaic) units
  • Green Earth® Constructions (Pvt) Ltd
    • Build/ design houses and buildings in an eco logical manner or upgrade existing facilities to become eco friendly

The company senior management counts for than 20 years of experience in renewable energy, house building and eco constructions.

The Solar water heater and Solar electricity (PV) plant of Green Earth® Group is located in suburbs of Colombo city and is currently being upgraded to obtain ISO 9001 certification. The Solar products come with 10yrs warranty and uses state of the art manufacturing process.

The Eco Housing subsidiary is not only engaged in building eco friendly houses but also converting existing housing projects to become more eco friendlier. In order to make housing projects greener, the company uses reusable materials and other simple technologies thus finishing the projects within existing cost parameters of a normal house.

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