Worldwide Dealars Wanted

Green Earth® Group is the brain child of two like minded professionals, who had a passion to bring affordable, eco-friendly solutions to the South Asian region.

Governments across South Asian region are signatories to Kyoto protocol and have medium term targets ranging from 5% - 10% of total energy needs coming from renewable sources. Unfortunately renewable energy and eco-construction are long associated with high cost; a product typically considered luxury for the average masses of these countries.

Green Earth® Group’s objective is to make it affordable and help bring a Greener Tomorrow to the region

Nature is natural phenomena but Architecture is Man-made. Life and built forms sustain without any conflict. However in the past centuries man has been accused promoting development at the cost of environment and quality of human life.

Sustainable and Ecologically sensitive approach to development meets the needs of present generation without compromising the ability to future generations to meet their needs.

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